1 Girl Nation – “Live For You” (Devotional)

We’re all in different seasons of our lives. As children, we lived for the approval of our parents, siblings and maybe even our grandparents. As teens, some of us perhaps lived for the attention of the opposite sex. We lived for the chase of that girlfriend or boyfriend. As young adults we live for opportunity…that new job, that big deal we hope to close, or even fame of some sort. The cycle continues as we grow older, but takes on new shapes and sizes. We live for acceptance of our peers, the pursuit of money or possessions, or the possibly the most damaging of all…we live for us. Ourselves. No one else. Unfortunately, many times, these things leave us unfulfilled and empty. An unquenchable thirst.

For those who find me find life and receive favor from the Lord.

Proverbs 8:35

Thankfully, there is another option when choosing who and what to live for. One that leaves us fulfilled and hopeful for something greater than ourselves. We have the honor and opportunity to find life through Jesus Christ. In other words, through the Gospel of the cross we are redeemed and bought with the price of His blood sacrifice. This redemption should compel us to live a life of surrender to Him, making it known to those around us. In Proverbs 8:35, weΓÇÖre reminded that this life through Christ is rewarded. His favor covers our life in ways only He can provide. The attention, the approval and the acceptance we yearned for from others, is given through Him. And most importantly, weΓÇÖre given life back to us. Eternal life. 

In conclusion, who are you living for today?

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