Building 429 – “Best And Worst” (Devotional)

JOB 38-42

If youΓÇÖve never read the book of Job you need to.  WHY? Because itΓÇÖs us.  Job is you and meΓǪ ok so maybe heΓÇÖs a bit better than you and me.  HeΓÇÖs the most faithful man in all the landΓǪ and Satan decides to pick a fight with God. God says ΓÇ£Job is my man.  HeΓÇÖs my Michael JordanΓǪ heΓÇÖll never quit, never doubt, and never surrenderΓǪ then Satan says ΓÇ£cool so the bet is on?ΓÇ¥  God says ΓÇ£Yes, but you canΓÇÖt kill JOBΓÇ¥ I dare say NO ONE WOULD WANT TO BE JOB.  Can you imagine?  

He’s working his tail off to create a winning franchise and all the sudden everything he loves, and everything he owns is GONE… with no “WHY”… just GONE.

Job runs through the gamut of emotions.  HeΓÇÖs confident for about 35 chapters.  Then suddenly he feels doubt.  Then he finds himself face to face with God the almighty who asks him who he thinks he is? 

At the end of the book Job lives another 140 years and has more sons and daughtersΓǪ. But he had to wonderΓǪ GOD REALLY?? WHAT WAS THAT ALL ABOUT?

Fast forward thousands of years and read the book of JOB and a dare say youΓÇÖll know what that was all about. JobΓÇÖs story is THE GO-TO story in the history of GodΓÇÖs KINGODOMΓǪ.  For inspiration, hope, doubt, and ultimately for GodΓÇÖs glory.  Now what about us?  Our trials, tribulations, successes and failures? Yes our story mattersΓǪ. Our little 75 years on this planet are a part of an epic masterpiece unfolding all around us. Do you see that, just like JOB, you may not ever understand ΓÇ£WHY.ΓÇ¥  

The best moments of your story and the worst moments of your story are woven together in the tapestry of GodΓÇÖs love and faithfulness.  You may not be able to see it because you are just a threadΓǪ but if you could back away from the thread and see the tapestry you might be able to see how the moment that you scraped your knee was the perfect color of red for the middle of GodΓÇÖs heart.  Or how that moment you won was the perfect color gold for the edge of his crown. You see the best of you and the worst of you will be on display in just the perfect place at just the perfect time in the kingdom of GODΓǪ it may be another year, or 6000ΓǪ. But someday weΓÇÖll see just as JOB did that we arenΓÇÖt here to question GOD, but to trust him.  I wonder what JOB thinks even nowΓǪ.I bet heΓÇÖs smiling, saying ΓÇ£OkΓǪ.it makes sense nowΓǪ. That suffering was the perfect color to display your hands that NEVER LET GOΓÇ¥

Which begs the question… who are we to doubt the LORD?

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