Building 429 – “Set A Fire” (Devotional)

We were touring like crazy and played a show in Canada. Afterwards, I had to drive through the night to Ottawa with no sleep after four shows, fly from Canada to Miami to Haiti for three days. Then, I had to fly straight back out to the road and do more work. I was exhausted. IΓÇÖd already been to Haiti twice before and the last time I was in Haiti, was a huge disaster. There was an uprising and we got stuck for a couple of weeks.  We were hiding in a closet in a house for several days.

I DID NOT want to go back to Haiti. IΓÇÖve seen the worst there is there.

I was on the plane and was nodding off when I heard the lyrics of Set a Fire. It was just a demo at that time.  It like hit me like a ton of bricks that the reason I was going back to Haiti is God needed to set my heart afire again. He needed to reignite the passion in my heart for those who were hurting.  I was so busy running my own life and taking care of things that needed to get done, but I had lost the fire and the desire to be a voice for those out there.  While I was so busy being a voice, that I had forgotten to BE THE HEART

I had forgotten why I do what I do. I became so indoctrinated into the pattern of doing the work that I let doing the work be the ENDS not to the MEANS.  

The work is good, but itΓÇÖs just the MEANS by which we reach the ENDS of sharing the truth of JESUS CHRIST the one whoΓÇÖs come to save the world.  

Have you been there?  Are you there today?  Stop. Pray. Ask the Lord to begin to open your eyes to the ways that youΓÇÖve been so busy working that youΓÇÖve missed out on being a part of SETTING THE CAPTIVES FREE!!

Revelation 2:4-5

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