Casting Crowns “God Of All My Days” (Devotional #7)


Take your fist and hit your thigh a few times. ThatΓÇÖs what it sounds like when life hits GodΓÇÖs truth.

At my darkest moments, the swell of emotions pounding my soul kept hitting something that wouldnΓÇÖt move. That solid object was the root system I had cultivated in my faith, the truth I had soaked into my core over years of personal Bible study and prayer. It was everything IΓÇÖve ever learned about whom God is and what he does and how he worksΓÇöand even the fact that storms do indeed come.

One of JesusΓÇÖ closest companions, the Apostle Peter, wrote: ΓÇ£Beloved, do not be surprised at the fiery trial when it comes upon you to test you, as though something strange were happening to you.ΓÇ¥ (1 Peter 4:12)

Examples of these kinds of trials are all through the Bible. Sometimes they go away and sometimes they donΓÇÖt. You can listen to whatever TV preachers you want, and they may try to sell you on sowing a seed for your special blessing, but you cannot get away from the fact that every disciple went down in smoke. Not one walked out of it unscathed, and their faith was better than mine.

They knew more about Jesus. They gave their entire lives to Jesus and were beaten, stoned, and imprisoned. Life still happened to them even after they surrendered all for the Lord.

Jesus told John the Baptist: ΓÇ£Blessed is the one who doesnΓÇÖt fall away on account of me.ΓÇ¥ He was telling John, ΓÇ£YouΓÇÖre going to have to walk through this one.ΓÇ¥

It wonΓÇÖt always feel good, and there will be moments where we wonΓÇÖt like or want what happens to us. But when youΓÇÖve read GodΓÇÖs truth, studied GodΓÇÖs truth, memorized GodΓÇÖs truth, prayed GodΓÇÖs truth, and seen GodΓÇÖs truth come alive in peopleΓÇÖs lives, you know for certain that GodΓÇÖs truth is the only truth.

Among the greatest of truths is the constancy of God: He always is and doesnΓÇÖt change. While God is constant, I am not. IΓÇÖm all over the map. I live up and down all the time. But as sure as days shift and my seasons change, Jesus is even surer to remain the same. Because heΓÇÖs the God of all my days, each step I take he makes a way.


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