Casting Crowns

Having served as a full-time youth pastor for over 25 years, Casting CrownsΓÇÖ front man, Mark Hall, continues to draw inspiration from the well of real life. ΓÇ£Because we have the honor of walking with people in our churches, we get to see what people are going through ΓÇô the issues that are impacting everyone now,ΓÇ¥ shares Hall. ΓÇ£ItΓÇÖs in these situations that ideas are born for what we all need to hear right here and right now.ΓÇ¥ The local church has been the base for Casting CrownsΓÇÖ music since their label debut release in 2003. With more than 10 million records sold and the title of BillboardΓÇÖs top-selling act in Christian music since 2007, itΓÇÖs still where the music is created. Hall and his bandmates ΓÇô Juan and Melodee DeVevo, Megan Garrett, Brian Scoggin, Josh Mix and Chris Huffman ΓÇô continue to work in ministry in their respective churches. The local church is the heartbeat of the band and the songs are an outpouring of that.

When discussing the band’s latest project, Only Jesus, Hall takes great pains to shift the focus off of the band, off of himself, and solely onto the one they sing about. Only Jesus personifies the band’s mission to help people understand the nature of God’s love and Jesus’s sacrifice, digging deep into the who and the why, inviting the listener on a heart-journey of foundational faith, immovable trust and ultimately, freedom in Christ.  “I want people to see that God is the author and the finisher of our faith,” Hall shares. “He starts the work and finishes the work. If we could just rest in the fact that He saved us, that He’s got us, we can rest in what He’s doing now and strive for what’s ahead.” It’s a timeless message, and one that’s still changing lives today. For Casting Crowns, there’s one thing they hope people will take away after listening to the new album —only Jesus.

Make sure you read their devotionals and stream their music!


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