Elevation Worship – “Let Us Adore” (Devotional)

Read: Psalm 95:6

O come all ye faithful

bow before our Savior. 

Come let us adore 

The One who came for us.

ΓÇ£The faithfulΓÇ¥ isnΓÇÖt meant for those who have it together, those who are already close to God.

The faithful are those of us who know they have no right to stand before God, but believe by faith that Jesus has come to save us from our sin.

For the unclean, the unholy

For the broken, the unworthy you came

Jesus, you came

Though ΓÇ£Let Us AdoreΓÇ¥ was written from a traditional Christmas worship song, its meaning carries significance throughout the year. We celebrate the Christmas season once a year because Jesus came as a baby to earth just once. But we come to adore Him every day because He came to save us once and for all.

Therefore, we can glorify Him and enjoy Him for what HeΓÇÖs done for us, regardless of the season.

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