Elevation Worship – “Unstoppable God” (Devotional)

Read: Matthew 19:26

When we understand that our God is unstoppable, our praise becomes unstoppable as well.

Scripture is filled with awe-inspiring examples of GodΓÇÖs strength and stories of GodΓÇÖs unending glory. From moving mountains to rolling stones away from a borrowed tomb, there is nothing our God canΓÇÖt do. 

This song is an energetic announcement to the devil that our God canΓÇÖt be stopped:

Nothing shall be impossible

Your Kingdom reigns unstoppable

All power on earth and in Heaven have been given to Jesus, therefore, that leaves nothing for the Enemy to work with! 

He is powerless against the plans and purposes of God. His glory goes on and on, and thereΓÇÖs not a moment in time that allows the devil to win.

In conclusion, try as he may, the devil will never be able to form a weapon that prospers against our unstoppable God.

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