Healthy Alternatives For Your Sweet Tooth

Eating healthy can often feel daunting or disappointing – like youΓÇÖre missing out on the wonderful world of food. It takes a significant amount of energy to be more intentional and selective about your choices and that can be a deterrent in making the jump to an alternative lifestyle. The hardest thing to give up differs from person to person – some cannot let go of carbs, some are all about the salt, and many are addicted to sugar. Making a big change can be hard, so instead of diving in all the way, start with releasing one ΓÇ£bad foodΓÇ¥ from your diet. Below you will find some alternatives to help you treat yourself to something with without the sour benefits.

  1. Chocolate – oh that sweet brown goodness, you donΓÇÖt have to cut it out completely
      1. Simply substitute the overly sugar packed chocolate you usually buy with a semi-sweet option melted and coated on a superfood like strawberries, bananas, or almonds!
      1. Skip the chocolate bar and pour yourself a nice glass of chocolate milk instead! YouΓÇÖll get your craving and a healthy dose of calcium all in one (and itΓÇÖs great after a good workout, so thereΓÇÖs that too!)
    1. Are you usually on the go? Pick up a box of Kashi, Lara Bar, or AnnieΓÇÖs brand of granola bars (most of the flavors include chocolate, yay!) and munch on that when you have a craving for a something sweet!
Ice Cream:
  1. If youΓÇÖre one of the millions of AmericanΓÇÖs you can finish off a pint of creamy goodness on your own, do not fret!
      1. Greek Yogurt is a great option for when youΓÇÖre craving something cold and refreshing! Make a healthy ΓÇ£Marble SlabΓÇ¥ concoction at home by adding granola, graham crackers, fruits and/or chocolate and coconut shavings!
      1. Whipped Cream & Strawberries are a simple way to get your dairy fix in without too much effort. A bowl with a dollop of sugar-free whipped and strawberries is satisfying and sweet at the same time!
    1. You make think that a smoothie is just a quick breakfast alternative, but you are wrong! Blending your favorite fruits with greek yogurt (with some chocolate syrup of course) gives you the sensation of a milkshake without all the extra sugar!
Baked Goods:
  1. Do you prefer your desserts baked fresh from the oven? Try these out for size…we mean taste!
      1. Get the experience of a baked fruit pie without the heavy dough by baking your favorite fruits and top it off with some brown sugar, cinnamon or honey for that right amount of sweet! (We suggest apples, peaches, or pears!)
      1. Start with a whole wheat frozen waffle, toast it to desired crispiness, slice in half and and lather on a tablespoon of peanut butter with fruit and top with the other half of the waffle! YouΓÇÖll definitely be saying ΓÇ£leggo my eggoΓÇ¥ after this one!
    1. Cinnamon Toast…no not the cereal! Toast a couple slice of whole wheat or honey voil├á!

Bonus tip: make these treats and nibbles with your family! Turn it into a teaching moment with your children and loved ones. Have conversations about the benefits of healthy living, discuss your day, or use it as an opportunity to spend quality time with them (food fight optional).

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