How Lifter Today Wants to Uplift You, Today!

In case youΓÇÖve somehow missed the tweet, we live in a digital age. Everything is instantaneously in front of us and we have access to limitless content. Our fingertips open up a world of beauty and knowledge, but can so easily lead to something much darker. ItΓÇÖs nearly impossible to avoid all the negative messaging in this world, you simply have to walk outside your door to be bombarded. However, there are ways to surround yourself with uplifting and positive content.

There are so many reasons that a believer should stray from the things that are not wholesome, good, and pleasing. The Bible explains in numerous places why this is necessary and below are just a few.

  1. Our bodies (including our minds and hearts) are temples (1 Corinthians 6:19-20).

  2. We are not to conform to this world (Romans 12:2)

  3. Whatever goes in comes out, good or bad! (Matthew 15:18)

  4. Be holy, because HE is holy. (1 Peter 1:15)

It becomes harder and harder to surround yourself with good in this world. Living a life like this is not only beneficial for your own heart, but for the hearts of those you are surrounded by each day. Your family, your friends, and your coworkers will reap the benefits of a Godly walk and intake of information.

If you are looking for a partner to team up with to achieve this, you’ve come to the right place. We believe so deeply in providing options in entertainment, music, and family and have many outlets to do so.


Lifter Today is a one-stop shop for all things music. We have curated dozens of playlists containing the best in Christian and Gospel music. Everyone can find something to listen to with the extensive list of genreΓÇÖs represented. Take the songs you love and the oneΓÇÖs youΓÇÖve yet to discover with you everywhere you go!


Raising children and running a family is a beautiful, yet stressful part of life. We have been joined by two amazing Christian writers to advise, encourage, and fail through life with. Each month they provide insight in to their personal homes, lessons theyΓÇÖve learned, and recommendations on things to try in your own home.


We deeply encourage conversations and community building. Our social media platforms (Facebook, Instagram and Pinterest) are a place to gather all pertinent information, but to also commune with us and other believers. We want to build and maintain a space that values conversations and growth.


Our website store is stocked with goodies from many of your favorite artists. You can get t-shirts, hoodies, cups, and more! We have a wide selection to choose from and value meaningful products and partnerships.


Not only will you find music, clothing, and family centered content ΓÇô weΓÇÖve also sprinkled in some humor, reviews, and insights in to every day life outside the home. These predominately live on our blog, but you will find fun events, posts, and cool content you’ll want to share with your friends!

We invite you to join in our digital home and find a place of encouragement and positivity that you can take in to your homes.

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