Matt Maher – Christ Is Risen (Devotional)

(John 20:1-31)

Christ Is Risen

This particular song was inspired by a third century sermon by a guy named John Chrysostom.  The concept of it is very simple. God used death to destroy death. He did not even have to lift a finger. He literally tricked death into destroying itself. Jesus used the process of death to completely eradicate it. So now it just becomes a process of transformation, it is a window or a doorway. So it became this chorus of ΓÇÿChrist has risen from the dead trampling over death by death.ΓÇÖ  

This is truth we need to remember on Easter. The church is coming together to proclaim that death has no string and that hell has no victory over us. Even though we struggle and weΓÇÖre still imperfect people, we can still celebrate the victory that Christ has granted us in His son!! 

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