Matt Maher – “Everything Is Grace” (Devotional)

St. Therese of Lisieux, known as ΓÇÿThe Little FlowerΓÇÖ was born in France, entered the convent at a very young age and died of tuberculosis in her early 20s. Years after her death, they found her diary. To many, sheΓÇÖs considered a spiritual giant, a heavyweight. She had a spiritual practice called ΓÇÿThe Little Way,ΓÇÖ and everything she did, she did it with the utmost level of intentionality, whether it was sweeping floors or washing dishes or making beds or cleaning bed pans. She offered a great quote that said, ΓÇÿEverything is grace. Everything is a direct result of the FatherΓÇÖs love for us. So, no matter the difficulties you face, however trivial or serious, theyΓÇÖre basically all an opportunity.ΓÇÖ We each reach a point in our journey where all of a sudden things start going wrong in life, but itΓÇÖs OK. Everything is grace. Everything is an opportunity. 

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