Matt Maher – “Future Not My Own” (Devotional)

The spirit of the prayer that inspired this song, from Archbishop Oscar Romero, suggests itΓÇÖs good to take a step back and consider the long view and remember that you are not God and you canΓÇÖt see the end result of things. The last line of the prayer is really poignant. Romero said, ΓÇÿWe are prophets of a future not our own.ΓÇÖ What would your response be to that prayer? My response to the prayer was, ΓÇÿGod, I need a future not my own. I need a future thatΓÇÖs not of my design.ΓÇÖ This song describes the cry of the human heart that does not have a clear sense of where things are going and is looking for a sense of direction. What we need to remember is that God has everything in His grasp. We need just follow Him.

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