Moriah Peters – “Waterfall” (Devotional)

People often ask me about the word, ΓÇ£purity.ΓÇ¥ Since getting married, IΓÇÖve realized that unless weΓÇÖve dissected the word, ΓÇ£graceΓÇ¥ first, weΓÇÖre wasting our breath. In other words, trying to understand purity without knowing grace is like trying to watch an IMAX 3D movie without 3D glasses. Everything becomes distorted and unclear.

Grace is beautiful. It comes to us in our dark corner, while we weep and mourn over the bad thing weΓÇÖve done. It lifts our chin, smiles and covers our nakedness in a blanket that is white as snow. Grace ushers us to the foot of the cross and gently removes the burden off our backs. It mends our wounds and tells us weΓÇÖre forgiven and to start fresh. And it does this over and over and over again.

Grace makes us say, ΓÇ£I never thought you’d look at me the same but here you are and nothing has changed

This must be the foundation of what we build ΓÇ£purityΓÇ¥ upon. Otherwise, weΓÇÖre left with a list of rules to abide by and when (not if) we fail, we allow guilt and shame to push redemption aside because we feel unworthy, soiled and finished. 

Whether it be between two lovers or two family members, relationships were created by God for God and where ΓÇ£two or more are gathered, [He] is in our midstΓÇ¥ (Matt. 18:20). HeΓÇÖs not there to judge us or point the finger every time we almost or completely fail. HeΓÇÖs there to be our strength in moments of weakness. He says to us, ΓÇ£My grace is sufficient for you, for my power is made perfect in weaknessΓÇ¥ (2 Cor. 12:9). Joel and I waited for our wedding day to have our first kiss. There were plenty of times where we had to rely on the power of the Holy Spirit to keep waiting.

I speak of the Holy Spirit with confidence because I had never experienced His power in my life than during my dating relationship. Only he can help you say no when everything in you is wanting to say yes. In those moments of weakness, I would walk away feeling like I messed up everything. I thought I might as well quit because thereΓÇÖs no going back.

ThatΓÇÖs the lie that the enemy wants us to believe and if we do, we fall deeper into sin. We reject the warm cloak that Grace is trying to wrap around us and we shiver in the dark instead.

So, as we step into the dangerous and beautiful, risky and wonderful world of love, let us ask ourselves how our relationship can be a light. Be something that others are drawn to with hope and curiosity. If this is our aim, surely the enemy will come to us with plans to destroy what God has brought together. Just know that God will always remain with grace in one hand and strength in the other. ΓÇ£Grace like rain let it fall, let it fall. You stay with me through it all, through it all.ΓÇ¥

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