Devotionals- MOSAIC MSC “Tremble” (Devotional #2)

ΓÇÿBreathe, call these bones to live, call these lungs to sing, once again I will praise.ΓÇÖ

Have any of your dreams not gone to plan or come to fruition? Sometimes it can feel like our goals or desires have died and are lost forever, but Ezekiel 37:4 says, ΓÇ£I will put my Spirit in you and you will live…ΓÇ¥ Scripture reminds us that God has the power to breathe life back into things we once believed were dead. When we call on the name of Jesus to give us his life, he breathes into us new hope, new love, new wisdom. It only takes a breath from him to bring any dead part of us to life again!

As you eagerly expect God to move on your behalf, praise Him in worship for what you believe in faith he will do! Take time to write down moments where God has been faithful in your life, moments where He has brought joy or comfort. This simple task will create a strong foundation of gratitude in your relationship with God and serve as a concrete reminder of his faithfulness toward you. Jesus is faithful and good! Take peace in this and worship Him because He is worthy.


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