Devotionals- MOSAIC MSC “Tremble” (Devotional #3)

ΓÇÿPeace, bring it all to peace, the storm surrounding me, let it break at your name.ΓÇÖ

Some seasons of life bring overwhelming storms. Stress, anxiety, and despair can all create the tumultuous feeling that life is nothing more than a battle you are fighting.

It can be easy to believe that no one is with you or no one could understand what youΓÇÖre going through. The promise of rescue can feel unimaginable. Mark 4:35-39 shows the disciples trapped in a storm that Jesus alone had the authority and power to calm, and he did it with only with three words: ΓÇ£Quiet! Be still!ΓÇ¥ When He spoke, the storm stilled. Jesus has this same power to work in your life.

The song ΓÇÿTrembleΓÇÖ is both an invitation and declaration ΓÇô we are inviting Jesus to calm the storm in our lives and testifying that He can.

Declaring the name of Jesus over your life invokes the power He had to calm the storm. Pray and ask Jesus to move on your behalf to quell your fears, soothe your worries, and give you His peace to weather the storm youΓÇÖre in. Trust that he can distill it to nothing. Jesus came to earth for you and wants you to have the peace He brings!


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