Red – “Damage” (Devotional)

Acts 27:13-44

I love this story of Paul setting sail with a bunch of prisoners for Rome. Since it was taking so long to get ready and it was past the Day of Atonement Paul warned everyone that it was too late to travel. He knew bad things were going to happen. Sometimes in our own lives people or God warns us that if we do this or do that we might cause “Damage” to our lives. 

This song is about that moment when we have messed up big time. We are feeling the pain and consequences of our actions. Just like in the story when the storm comes crashing into the boat with hurricane force it can certainly shake the foundation of who we are and make us feel full of shame and worthlessness. 

The best part of the story is close to the end when everyone has given on being saved. Paul tells them to take courage no one is going to die. The ship will be destroyed but we will live. 

The consequences of our actions can definitely come at a high price. However, never lose hope because Christ Loves us even through the Damage in our lives. In the end we will all reach dry land safely if we listen and obey. So let us keep our eyes fixed on Jesus and encourage each other along the way.  

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