Red – “Happy, Perfect Life” (Devotional)

Mark 7:22-23

This song is about being happy with who God made us to be and what he has blessed us with. We are not to envy one another’s belongings and gifts for God has blessed us each in a different way. Often the media and TV feed us this lifestyle that we can all have this we just do “this.” In other words, a picture is painted for us everywhere we turn that we need to keep up with the Jones.

Sure, we all like to have nice things. In the end, they will not get us any closer to God and his promise of eternity. Envy is something that comes from within. It can well up inside when we forget that God has blessed us already.

There is a parable that says’ “It’s not what goes into your body that defiles you; you are defiled by what comes from your heart.”

For example, look at what a man invests his time and money into and you will most likely find his heart too. We need to be careful and guard our hearts from the things the world tells us will make us happy. Often times, they do not lead to a better life. Again, there is nothing wrong with making a life for yourself. God wants us to live and be prosperous. Things go wrong when we subtract God from the equation and our hearts focus more on what we have instead of what we have been given. In conclusion, God’s plan is perfect. When we are living inside that plan, we experience life as he intended us to. 

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