Red – “So Far Away” (Devotional)

Psalms 22:19; Psalms 73:25-26

At some point in all of our lives we will find ourselves further from God than we would like. That is the whole idea of seeking him out daily.

Relationships are two sided. When only one person is working on the relationship, it cannot thrive like it can when both people are investing the same time and effort.

I moved away from home for good back in 2002 to begin a music career. I still remember the day Michael, Anthony, and I pulled out of town. We knew that we were going to encounter new friendships. We also knew that our old friendships would only remain strong if we were to keep in contact and make a point to visit when we could.

Being a Christian is about having an intimate relationship with the Creator of this world.

God desires every part of our life. If we fail to let his presence in our lives be the focus daily, our everyday life begins to unravel. There have been times in my life where I feel like I can get through situations without asking for God’s help. Situations where I rely on my strength. If our strength comes from the Lord, how can we expect God to show up when we don’t simply ask? We are the ones to blame when God doesn’t seem close by. Job is a perfect example of what it means to have an intimate relationship with Christ.

Job had everything a man could ask for. A thriving farm, family and health. Satan told Jesus to watch Job curse him when he took that all away. Satan was convinced that the only reason Job was praising him was because everything was going so smooth. Sure enough, the Lord took everything that Job had been blessed with, but because Job had such a passion for Christ and his word, he had no other way of coping with his loss but to shave his head and praise God. In the end, the Lord blessed him even more than he did in the first half of his life. If Job had turned his back on God like Satan knew he would, he may have never seen what God had in store for him. 

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