Spring Cleaning For The Soul – Jordan Christy

Spring is the time to clean out closets and sort through clothes (at least it is at our house). After a year’s worth of growth, there are always several bags of shrunken, tight, ill-fitting clothes just waiting to be taken to Goodwill. It’s sad and exciting at the same time – sad to see loved, worn clothes go down the road, but exciting to get something new.

When you outgrow something, the process is usually not pretty. The sleeves become too short, the shoes pinch, and the buttons pop. It looks goofy and obviously no longer fits.

But what happens when your life no longer fits? When your goals and dreams no longer work with your circumstances? When youΓÇÖre transitioning from one season to the next? You might think it’d be glamorous – that you’d develop a new set of talents that rocket you to the stratosphere of success. But, God’s way doesn’t always look like our way…

In fact, sometimes it looks downright messy. Like a proverbial old shirt that’s grown a little too snug, your old situation may be on the way out; on the bright side, you might be on the edge of something new, different or better. If youΓÇÖre not sure, here are some questions to ask yourself…

    • Are things uncomfortable? Transitions can be awkward and painful. The temptation is to focus on the stress, problems, and surrounding circumstances, but David (arguably the king of good transitions) continually put the focus back on God and chose to magnify Him rather than the surrounding issues. ΓÇ£Why am I discouraged? Why is my heart so sad? I will put my hope in God!..” – Psalms 42:5.

    • Are you being sent? Do you find yourself being placed in situations beyond your gifting? Are people asking you to go places you’ve never been? The day David met Goliath was also the day David’s dad asked him to take a break from shepherding and deliver lunch to his brothers. This small, no-frills request launched his destiny. Another cue from DavidΓÇÖs life: Don’t get too busy or caught up in your current situation. Never think I’m too important or I’m not confident enough. Just be obedient and go.

    • Are you going to throw it away? When you’ve outgrown a pair of shoes, you never go back and fit into them again; you get rid of them! Likewise, some seasons and opportunities just need to be put to rest. I’m personally guilty of resurrecting old hurts, pains, and issues. But just like it would be pointless to try and shove on a two-sizes-too-small pair of shoes, it’s fruitless to drag the past into the future. “…I focus on this one thing: Forgetting the past and looking forward to what lies ahead,” – Philippians 3:13

The exciting part is, once you’ve cleaned out your closet, you’re ready to receive the new stuff.┬á The new calling. The new assignment. The new season. And when you step into it – ahhh. It’s like a brand new, fitted, custom-made suit. One that was made with only you in mind. Because the designer knows that something off the rack isn’t going to fit you quite right. He knows every inch and curve and dimension about you. He’s the designer – He made you. He knows you’re outgrowing that old one ΓÇô thatΓÇÖs why He has a brand-new dress waiting in the closet. He’s waiting to give it to you if you’ll let go and let Him show you the new design He’s made for you.

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