Building 429 – “Blameless” (Devotional)

It’s a hard one to understand…. All that you’ve done that is evil is accounted for by the blood of Christ on the Cross. Yes, the abortion that you can’t get over. Yes, the affair that you had. Yes, the divorce that you wanted. Yes, the horrors you witnessed overseas in the military. Yes, the drugs that you’ve done. Yes, the premarital sex. Yes, the lies you’ve told. Yes the pornography you’ve watched. YES, YES, YES.

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Building 429 – “Press On” (Devotional)

Have you ever prayed a prayer that God answered with a resounding yes? Have you ever said God if this happens then I’ll do that? Yeah me too… haha! It’s a bit stupid but come on lets be real we’ve all done that at some point. The last time that it happened to me was when we made the record “Listen to the Sound.” I had just become a worship pastor and was really ready to kind of turn the “touring gig” down a notch or two. 10 years of traveling had worn me out and I was really skeptical about whether God wanted me on the road anymore. So I prayed a couple of simple prayers.

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Building 429 – “We Won’t Be Shaken” (Devotional)

A benefit for those who had lost family members in the Sandy Hook Elementary school shootings was the first show we played this year. It really knocked some things loose in my heart. 10,000 people were there, and the families of the children who were murdered were there as well. The Lord’s will be done… that much was obvious as the night went on.

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