Casting Crowns – “Here I Go Again” (Devotional)

Most of us in the Church have been trained well beyond our obedience. So when it comes to telling others about Jesus, what are we so afraid of? We know about the Power Band bracelets with colored beads that symbolize a different step in the gospel. WeΓÇÖve heard a version of ΓÇ£The Romans RoadΓÇ¥ or some other witnessing tool. But IΓÇÖm not sure we all truly understand how God saves people and if we are enough to help Him.

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Casting Crowns – “Who Am I” (Devotional)

As I drove a backcountry road in Alabama late one night, a thought hit me: Mark, really, youΓÇÖre a vapor. YouΓÇÖre no bigger than a minute. YouΓÇÖre here and gone. Nobody is going to remember you in a hundred years because youΓÇÖre not the point here. So the truth that youΓÇÖre so small and so broken and so self-destructive and so self-absorbed yet God cares about you anyway? ThatΓÇÖs what you should share.

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Casting Crowns – “American Dream” (Devotional)

A lady at one of our concerts in North Carolina told us she and her two boys were living out our song American Dream. After 17 years of marriage and ministry, her husband had quit both. The boys had sent their father a copy of the song. How sad that a child has to ΓÇ£sendΓÇ¥ his father anything, much less a song that basically begs, ΓÇ£Daddy, please donΓÇÖt. All we really want is you.ΓÇ¥ What leads a man to walk away from everyone he has ever really lovedΓÇöand certainly everyone who has ever loved him? I had to shake my head at the story of the tearful mother trying to hold it all together for two little ones because her husband likes the feel of sand between his toes. A little shack on the Rock wasnΓÇÖt good enough.

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