Red Rocks Worship “Nobody Like You” (Devotional #2)

ΓÇ£Our sin and shame forever overcome. The grave was overwhelmed by perfect love.ΓÇ¥The second verse of ΓÇ£Nobody Like YouΓÇ¥ touches on the position we find ourselves in here on Earth. We are reminded of GodΓÇÖs overwhelming mercy for us in spite of our sin. The truth is…

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Devotionals- MOSAIC MSC “Tremble” (Devotional #3)

Some seasons of life bring overwhelming storms. Stress, anxiety, and despair can all create the tumultuous feeling that life is nothing more than a battle you are fighting. It can be easy to believe that no one is with you or no one could understand what youΓÇÖre going through. The promise of rescue can feel unimaginable.

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