Red – “Release The Panic” (Devotional)

Fear, Stress, Anxiety…these are a few of my least favorite things. There is this story about a guy who plays a sport. It does not matter what the sport is. All that matters is that he has had one of the worst seasons in his career. At least to this guy, everything seems to be collapsing. Fans are really coming down on him and he himself is stressing with feelings of letting his team, family, and city down. At this point he begins to panic and he realizes that he is making things worse by doing so. The interesting part of this whole thing is that this athlete knows a God who loves him and has made a plan way before it has been executed. He knows that he ultimately has no control over the plan but only the ability that has been given to him.

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Moriah Peters – “O Fear” (Devotional)

Fear is a funny thing ΓÇô or at least itΓÇÖs something weΓÇÖve be trained to take lightly. Scary movies, roller coasters and prank TV shows all prey on our worst nightmares. As much as I love a good thrill, IΓÇÖve realized that thereΓÇÖs a thin line between entertaining apprehension and crippling anxiety. This may come as news to some of us, but submitting to fear is a sin.

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Rhett Walker Band “Fear” (Devotional #1)

The biggest thing I try to remind myself is fear is just a feeling. Nothing more. 2 Timothy 1:7 tells us that God didnΓÇÖt give us a spirit of fear but of power, love, and self-control. We have the power to overcome fear and anxiety because of the spirit God gave us. When we can surrender fear, there is more room for peace.

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