Matt Maher – “Alive Again” (Devotional)

The writing of “Alive Again” started 2 years before it was finished; I actually started writing it the same day that I wrote “Empty & Beautiful.” For some reason as I was writing that song, the chorus of “Alive Again” was born. About 2 years later I was driving from McAllen, Texas to San Antonio, Texas to catch a flight. The band and I left our hotel around 4:30 in the morning. As we were driving north I realized, at one point, that the sky had changed colors. It started at a dark, dark indigo and it was slowly getting lighter. The sun hadn’t broken the horizon yet and immediately the lyric came to me, “I can see the light, before I see the sunrise,” so after all that time, I had a chorus and an idea for a verse.

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Matt Maher – “Psalm 42” (Devotional)

For the past 19 months, the biggest cross in my life has been the most unlikely, my 19-month-old son. His utter dependence on his parents is a source of much conviction for me, for I wish I had the same level of honesty. I know rationally in my mind that the love of God and the subsequent grace that flows from it are all I need. Yet I struggle with proclaiming that truth to myself in my life.

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Matt Maher – “Mighty Fortress” (Devotional)

I was driving down to Atlanta from Nashville in AugustΓǪ.and a melody came to my headΓǪalong with the phrase, “You are our salvation; our stronghold, our strength; You are our foundation, mighty fortress is Your name. Obviously that really isn’t a name of God, but that’s how ideas sometimes start – as abstract phrases and melodiesΓǪ.it eventually turned into the song, “Mighty Fortress.”

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