1 Girl Nation – “Turn Around” (Devotional)

When weΓÇÖre touring on the road, we sometimes have to navigate our way through the downtown of big cities to get to the venue. However, in our case, it means weΓÇÖre trying to get where we need to go with a 40 foot long tour bus and an additional 12 foot trailer. For example, our bus driver has to carefully make his way through the city via highways, overpasses, under bridges, through tunnels and sometimes narrow one-way streets. And getting lost in a big city, down a one-way street in a tour bus is a TOUGH spot to be in! ItΓÇÖs nearly impossible to turn around. The streets arenΓÇÖt wide enough, the alley-ways are too small, etc. In other words, it feels like weΓÇÖre trapped and like weΓÇÖll never get out!

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Royal Tailor – “Makin’ Me New” (Devotional)

Spoiler Alert: Jesus isnΓÇÖt something we just add to our life. HeΓÇÖs not someone who adapts to our life. When we become a follower of Christ, we lay our old life down and find our new life in Him. Through redemption we go from a life based on conforming to the way we see the world around us to being transformed by what Jesus is doing in us. God begins to change us from the inside, out — from internal to external.

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Rhett Walker – “Make Me New” (Devotional)

I have been doing music for a good while now. My career kicked off by playing music at my DadΓÇÖs church on Sundays. I loved leading worship, and loved getting to be a part of that time with other brothers and sisters every week. It seems just like yesterday that I was starting off on this musical journey, but I am nowhere close to the musician, the artist, or the man that I used to be. I have grown a bit more, I have lived a little more, learned hard lessons.

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