Tenth Avenue North – “Forgive Me” (Devotional)

Shame. It paralyzes, lies, and keeps us from each other. Worst of all, shame deafens our spiritual ears. When it rolls over us like a fog over the sea, it has a way of stifling Jesus’ voice crying out, “the healthy don’t need a doctor but the sick do! I came to save sinners!” It shuts out Paul proclaiming, “this saying is trustworthy and true, Christ Jesus came into the world to save sinners of whom I am the chief!!!” Even though Jesus made a point of hanging out with tax-collectors, drunks, and prostitutes, shame echoes in the hallways of our soul, reverberating our fears until we’re convinced, what we’ve done is worse than the thief on the cross. Our infidelity is worse than the woman at the well. Somehow, our cheating and lying is worse than Zacchaeus.’

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