Red – “Same Disease” (Devotional)

All have fallen short of the glory of God. We are all sinners yet Christ died for us. That was the greatest love that was ever shown in history. In the song “Same Disease” it talks about how we are all toxic and infected with this thing called sin. Sometimes it can feel like we are the only one that is infected with this disease causing us to be shameful and to hide our sickness. We need to lean on each other and carry each otherΓÇÖs burdens day by day living in the proof of God’s Grace presented through Christ as a sacrifice of atonement for our sins.

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Building 429 – “Blameless” (Devotional)

It’s a hard one to understand…. All that you’ve done that is evil is accounted for by the blood of Christ on the Cross. Yes, the abortion that you can’t get over. Yes, the affair that you had. Yes, the divorce that you wanted. Yes, the horrors you witnessed overseas in the military. Yes, the drugs that you’ve done. Yes, the premarital sex. Yes, the lies you’ve told. Yes the pornography you’ve watched. YES, YES, YES.

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