Casting Crowns “Make Me A River” (Devotional #6)

Several years ago, I visited Israel and traveled to both the Sea of Galilee and the Dead Sea. Both are large bodies of water fed by fresh water. The Sea of Galilee in the northern part of the country is vibrant and full of life and for centuries has provided a living for fishermen like the disciples Peter, James, and John. The Dead Sea, positioned to the east and southeast of Jerusalem, has its name for a reason. It is so salty that not much can live in it and a human being can float with little effort.

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Casting Crowns “Oh My Soul” (Devotional #4)

The night I discovered I had cancer, I sat down at the piano. ThatΓÇÖs how songwriters bleed. We bleed songs. I started writing out my feelings, and a song called ΓÇ£O My SoulΓÇ¥ began to emerge. It portrays my inner turmoil and battle with myself, reminiscent of some of DavidΓÇÖs verses in the book of Psalms. One of the coolest lines ever is when David says, ΓÇ£Why so downcast, O my soul?

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Casting Crowns “What If I Gave Everything” (Devotional #1)

I wrote ΓÇ£What If I Gave EverythingΓÇ¥ on our new album as the prequel to ΓÇ£The Voice of Truth.ΓÇ¥ At first, I called the song ΓÇ£Still Standing HereΓÇ¥ because the song starts with the question all believers face at one time or another: ΓÇ£Why am I still standing here? I know better. I know I should get moving.ΓÇ¥

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