Elevation Worship – “Look How He Lifted Me” (Devotional)

Our awareness of GodΓÇÖs work in our lives directly influences our ability to praise Him. ΓÇ£Look How He Lifted MeΓÇ¥ is an anthem of GodΓÇÖs faithfulness to us. Not only does He bring us the good times, but He plucks us out of our darkest moments, sets us on solid ground, and gives us a song to sing of how He did it.

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Vertical Worship – “Bound For Glory” (Devotional)

Popularity of navigation apps highlights our cultureΓÇÖs need to know their destinations. Christians are heading for heaven. Part of believing in Christ–his life, death and resurrection–includes heaven. Here, separation from God (sin) becomes impossible. This IS the victory: living with God who lovingly created each one of us for His purpose.

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