Tenth Avenue North – “The Spark” (Devotional)

Psalm 131

Growing up in the church, I always heard things like, “fight the good fight,” “run with perseverance,” “make every effort.” I also hear, “be still and know,” “my yoke is easy,” and “I have quieted my soul.” Well, which was it? I thought. Am I supposed to fight? Or am I allowed to rest?

I wish I understood then, what I’m just beginning to get now. It’s both.

We fight, and we rest, but we fight to rest. You got that right. We do battle with our minds and deceptive hearts, so we might lay our souls down upon the grace of God.

A few months ago, with that simple thought in mind, I grabbed my guitar, sat in our dressing room shower, because the acoustics are amazing, and I wept these words: “You are where my soul finds rest. You are where I lay my head. Your grace lets me catch my breath. Let’s me fall into your arms again.”

What about you? Are you working hard to earn what’s already given? Are you worn out? Does your soul feel see through?

Dallas Willard once said, “God is not opposed to our effort, He is opposed to earning.” I think that’s the distinction we need to understand. We don’t fight to earn. We fight to rest.

In conclusion, lay your deadly doing down. Lay your head upon His chest. Catch your breath. Throw yourself into His arms. Above all, hear His words: “Come to me, all of you who are weary and carry heavy burdens, and I will give you rest.” – Matthew 11:28

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