Tim Timmons – “Let’s Be Beautiful” (Devotional)

We are the bride.

The Church is not a building. It is not a place where we go or a thing we do. The Church is us. We are unfettered by walls. Every week we gather as His church for 80 minutes and then we scatter as His church for 10,000 minutes. We are the Church in the name, power, and authority of Jesus. Everywhere we go, we get to represent Jesus, not religion, to the world around us. 

Jesus refers to us as His bride:

ΓÇ£Everybody waits for the moment the bride comes out

Open up the doors and watch her walk down the aisle

Is she lovely is she shining is she looking at the one she loves

EverybodyΓÇÖs watching what are we all about

When we open up the doors is religion all that walks out

Are we lovely are we shining are we looking at the One we love…”

My wife and I have spent the past few years asking Jesus to redefine Beauty in the context of His Church, His people. We often have people in our home that share their stories of seeing Jesus at work in the mundane moments of their lives.

We get to witness Jesus being truly beautiful, and we take an imaginary picture saying ΓÇ£Now thatΓÇÖs Beautiful.ΓÇ¥ (literally one eye winks while our hands click an imaginary photo reminder) 

Where do you see Jesus at work around you? 

LetΓÇÖs be beautiful with love so radical

Full of compassion oh what would happen 

If we were powerful from grace that overflows

Love into action, oh what would happen

If we were beautiful 

Our lives were actually made in the image of the triune God and furthermore, one of our goals in this life is becoming better representers of Jesus.

To represent JesusΓÇÖ love, beauty, grace, and truth as His image bearers, we must first know Him. And to know him we must follow Him.

Have you been asking Him to make you aware of where He is opening doors in your neighborhood, or at work, or in your relationships? LetΓÇÖs Represent Jesus! LetΓÇÖs Be Beautiful!

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