Tim Timmons – “Only One Standing” (Devotional)

I have tried standing without your power

Built my house on sand with my own mortar

And the ground below is quaking

I have looked to man for my approval

Built my confidence apart from you and now

All the walls are shaking

IΓÇÖve spent my life building and propping up my own Kingdom of Tim within the walls of GodΓÇÖs Kingdom. IΓÇÖve become pretty good at this one and IΓÇÖm afraid it has been part of my stunted growth. WhoΓÇÖs the CEO of your kingdom? I, along with many of the other country music lovinΓÇÖ Christians out there, know the Carrie Underwood song Jesus Take The Wheel, but arenΓÇÖt really letting Him drive. I am great with Him holding on to that wheel because He is God and He is all-powerful, but I generally feel just fine telling Him where to go! ΓÇ£Jesus surely take the wheel, but can you take a left turn up here and then a sharp right turn at the next fork in the road.ΓÇ¥ Am I the only one with that kind of audacity? I think not. 

I have grown up with a holy entitlement that seems to fit into American Christianity but not into the realms of following Jesus.

My prayers were and sadly still are, filled with asking Jesus to tag along on my daily adventures. ΓÇ£Jesus go where I send thee.ΓÇ¥ IsnΓÇÖt it the other way around?

My song ΓÇ£Only One StandingΓÇ¥ has become my daily prayer these past 3 years and shaped the beginning of my journey of simply following Jesus.

ΓÇ£Jesus would you tear down these walls that rise between us blinding freedom?ΓÇ¥ Stop for a second. What could that mean in your daily life? What would your life look like this week if you started your mornings by praying this: Jesus, today, help me. I surrender all. Would you let my kingdom fall, so yours alone would be the only one standing?ΓÇ¥

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