Vertical Worship – “All The Earth” (Devotional)

Decide to Fight for the King – Ephesians 6:10

Loneliness is the opposite of belonging.  People yearn to belong to a group or be emotionally tied to another in an attempt to not be alone.  God created in us a desire to know and be known; however, the number of lonely people continues to rise.

This is a weapon being used to fight against even those who call themselves Christians.  Loneliness–as wrenching as it is–isnΓÇÖt personal.  It is belonging to a greater fight, belonging to a greater sense of purpose than can be imagined.  This longing for relationship can lead into darknessΓǪor you can choose to fight your way to belonging and purpose.

Know who you will fight for

In medieval Europe, they developed a system of belonging.  The lord of the land needed to know who would be loyal to him, so the people of the land pledged their fealty, or loyalty, to the lord.  It was a decision on both parties to pledge their protection, time, and resources to one another. 

In the same way, a pledge of loyalty is made between you and God, THE Lord. The moment in time when the relationship is made official, the promise is made.

Why should you belong to God?  Why should you trust his son, Jesus Because he is not just a king, he is the ONLY king who will reign forever. 

He is the only King that can make promises like this:

  • To help you  (Is 41:10)   
  • Meet your needs (Phil 4 19)
  • Offer forgiveness for your sin (Rom 5:2) 
  • Provide a way out of trouble (2 Cor 10:13) 
  • Plan a good future for you (Jer 29:11) 
  • Offer you eternal life (John 10:27-28)

What army or king or president do you know that has the confidence that comes with these assertions?  Who is like OUR God?

Belonging to your chosen King

You have a decision to make about your loyalty.  Even if you know the King of all Kings, the decision is daily to rise up in the morning to serve him. (Psalm 113:3)

In conclusion, who will receive your praise today?  There is only one name, now and always.

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