Vertical Worship – “Lamb Of God” (Devotional)

Emulate the Best Fighter- Ephesians 6:11

Humanity has one problem. From this one problem stems every other problem that can be conceived. The one problem is sin. The only cure is Jesus.

Sin on a human level is a problem because it causes messes. It creates circumstances that hurt the sinner, those involved, and initiates a ripple effect of consequences that no one wants.  

Sin on a theological level keeps us from God.  This is a problem because he is creator, he is love, he is mercy, he is righteousness, he is healing, he is joy, he is grace…he simply–IS.  He IS everything we were created to want.The biggest problem sin creates is that every person now wars with sin and has no way to get back to God without a perfect sacrifice.  

God gave us Jesus to be the perfect sacrifice that bridges us back to God.  Jesus then, being perfect with all things here on earth, becomes the greatest soldier in this war sin has created.

Learn from Jesus.  He is the only one that did things right and–this time–you can, too. Emulate Jesus, put on the Armor:
  • Helmet of Salvation 
    • Jesus remained confident in his secure relationship with God (John 10:28-29).
  • Belt of Truth  
    • Jesus spoke and took action in truth and love toward others (Mark 10:21-23). 
  • Breastplate of Righteousness/Shield of Faith 
    • Jesus worked with his limitations and trusted God to do the rest (Phil 2:5-7).
  • Shoes of the Gospel of Peace  
    • Embodied the fruits of the spirit and demonstrated each one in every interaction (John 15:9-13). 
  • Sword of the Spirit/Word of God 
    • Jesus spent time becoming prepared to deal with temptations (Luke 2:40-47/Matt 4:4-10). 
  • Prayer  
    • Jesus kept close contact with God (Mark 1:35).

The war rages and Ephesians is clear that our adversary, the devil, is scheming to make the soldiers in the army of the Living God fall.  He wants you to sit down for this battle, or better yet fall on your face in failure and sin.  But, in love, Jesus fights for you and asks you to follow his lead.

Today, how will you emulate Jesus and fight in his stead? There is no greater love.

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