Vertical Worship – “Shout It Out” (Devotional)

Maximize Personal Strengths – Ephesians 6:19

It is difficult to be brave.  Even Paul prayed for strength. He knew that cowardice runs rampant in the barracks of the army. The enemy tries the same thing over and over (he doesnΓÇÖt have that many tricks) and that is tiresome.  Fatigue makes cowards of us all.  Surrender follows fatigue.

Strength is needed to fight cowardice.  Experienced soldiers know how to use their strengths to minimize their weaknesses and their fatigue.

Maximizing Personal Strengths

  • Ask for strength. But not just anyone, ask the Lord.  Shout it out if you can.  You see, the victory has already been won, and the solution to maximize the Glory to Our God has been determined.  

Truly I tell you, if anyone says to this mountain,ΓÇÿGo, throw yourself into the sea,ΓÇÖand does not doubt in their heartbut believes that what they say will happen, it will be done for them.

Mark 11:23

One more:

If any of you lacks wisdom, you should ask God, who gives generously to all without finding fault, and it will be given to you.

James 1:5

These scriptures give you access to strength you donΓÇÖt have and strength you desperately need. Opening your mouth and speaking will activate them both.  Speak and believe; it will be done for you. 

Ask for wisdom; it will be given to you:
  • Acknowledge weakness as strength. A good war strategy is to nullify an enemyΓÇÖs strength by exploiting his weakness. In this way, the enemy can eliminate us as a threat. As Christians, we strive to be not expendable in ChristΓÇÖs army.

But he said to me, ΓÇ£My grace is sufficient for you, for my power is made perfect in weakness.ΓÇ¥ Therefore, I will boast all the more gladly about my weaknesses, so that ChristΓÇÖs power may rest on me. How awesome it is that God, in HIS wisdom created a way for his army that when your weakness is exploited by the enemy, ChristΓÇÖs power can then rest on you? 

In conclusion, Use your voice now to ask for Christ to turn your cowardice into bravery for his kingdom. Our God is alive in us. 

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