Zach Williams “Old Church Choir” (Devotional #2)

We have been delivered! He has saved us from death! We have a freedom thatΓÇÖs been given to us through grace, and when weΓÇÖre in a state of gratitude, nothing can steal our joy because we have been restored.

Because your love is better than life, my lips will glorify you. I will praise you as long as I live, and in your name I will life up my hands. I will be fully satisfied as with the richest of foods; with singing lips my mouth will praise you. ΓÇô Psalm 63:3-5

When Jesus ascended into heaven on the third day, the world was restored. God is in the business of taking the broken and the imperfect and making it perfect again in His eyes.

He sacrificed to make it happen, but HeΓÇÖs rejoicing because it means we get to spend eternity with Him. That is worth celebrating! ThereΓÇÖs no use mourning over our broken pasts because thatΓÇÖs not our reality anymore. We canΓÇÖt let that steal our joy. ItΓÇÖs biblical to rejoice ΓÇô there are countless examples of this in scripture ΓÇô and as believers, we are meant to look to scripture as the guideposts for our lives. This is not discounting that life can be difficult and that there will be trials, but when the trials have gone, let them stay dead in the past and allow yourself to celebrate and revel in your freedom.

Prayer: “Lord, you are the restorer. Thank you for saving me! Thank you for the fact that celebration and rejoicing are not only allowed but encouraged in your Word. You are a good God and I am grateful. Amen.”


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